Tilikum’s days are numbered now. Maybe he will swim free in death.

Champions for Cetaceans

By Kirsten Massebeau

Tillikum 1Tilikum floats listlessly alone, and broken

Ripped from his family 35 years ago Tilikum the star of the film “Blackfish” has been diagnosed with a deadly respiratory infection that cannot be cured. The prognosis is not good. SeaWorld continues to update the public with tears in their eyes, trying to convince the world that “they care”but in reality all SeaWorld saw in Tilikum was a river of golden sperm that would further their breeding program. Through constant sexual abuse SeaWorld employees collected sperm artificially inseminating female whales, producing 21 calves within the SeaWorld prison system. Those baby orcas, were then ripped from their mothers sides, and shipped to other SeaWorld’s where they too must perform to eat. Many have died or become aggressive, never knowing a true family or the rhythms of the sea, their true home. They are a generation of slaves born into the SeaWorld prisons.

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